Supporting growth strategies

Like waves gathering strength, let’s amplify your ambitions

Aim further

Growth isn’t just about bigger and bolder; it’s about setting the course to secure the future of your company. With Wave, every move is decisive. Every strategy is intentional. And every step towards growth is a leap to longevity.

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Gain an entrepreneurial partner

Every company goes through ebbs and flows. With Wave, you have a team by your side to spot the right opportunities at the right time. We will execute with speed and precision, so that you can catch the momentum.

Play the long game

Great vision starts with trust and clear milestones. That takes playing the long game. Our clients know this and have been with us since we first met. We are not in it for the quick win. We are in it to make each of your ripples turn into tidal waves.

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Excellence breeds results

Results matter. Wave gives you a passionate team of highly driven, highly skilled people who care deeply about your company’s success.

Supporting growth strategies

More than an extra set of eyes, we guide you to the best outcome. Whether you’re expanding autonomously and/or venturing into acquisitions.

We pinpoint the right targets tailored to your goals, negotiate on your behalf, and solidify the path to execution to propel your venture.

Every venture needs legs to run. Whether you’re acquiring, expanding inventory, or investing in real estate, we provide funding solutions that fit your path.

LMA is the financial industry’s compass for consistent syndicated loan practices. We adapt its principles to deliver you steadiness and aligned goals en route to your financial growth.

Navigate complex strategic and financial conditions with confidence

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Investment management
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Ensuring long-term clarity and ongoing success is our daily drive

Here’s what our clients say about Wave. 


Through Wave’s financial expertise, growth opportunities have arisen that we had not previously considered possible.”

Wouter Lammerse, Founder BlueRock

“Wave demonstrates that speed and quality is delivered uncompromized.”

Ernst-Jan Stigter, CEO Fellowmind

“Through Wave’s extensive network in M&A we could make a once-in-a-lifetime deal. A deal we had not seen possible before.”

Alex de Graaf, SVP OptiGroup

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When you’re ready to make waves and go beyond the status
quo of corporate finance, we’re here for you

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Equity management

Maximizing value and engagement while minimizing risk – let’s refine your equity strategy.
Equity management
Strategic advisory regarding autonomous expansion and/or expansion via acquisitions.
Securing shareholder value
Strategic advisory regarding autonomous