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In 2005, Fellowmind set out with a vision, pushing the envelope to reshape Europe's digital readiness. By 2016, their dedication had fostered a 100-strong team spanning the Netherlands and Germany. But to realize the broader scope of their vision, they needed a strategic ally.

At a glance:

  • An ongoing 7-year collaboration.
  • Supported Fellowmind’s growth from 100 to over 2,000 employees.
  • Guided Fellowmind on 14 successful acquisitions across six European countries.
  • Attracted a key investor and diversified funding sources for sustained expansion.


That’s where we stepped in. Our first project? Facilitating Fellowmind’s maiden acquisition in 2016. This wasn’t just a business transaction; it was a commitment, a promise to foster growth, find synergistic partners, and ensure continued integration. This acquisition set the stage for an era of collaborative success.

Fellowmind went on to acquire three more trailblazing companies in the Netherlands and Sweden with us by their side. Their team didn’t just expand in numbers, reaching 450, but also grew in influence and reach. We evolved alongside Fellowmind, not just as advisors but as partners, supporting them by introducing a diversified club of financing sources from senior banks to institutional junior debt providers.

2019 was transformative. As Fellowmind’s dedicated sell side advisor, we negotiated a transaction with a Scandinavian private equity investor. This wasn’t just a financial transaction. It was a leap forward, strategically positioning Fellowmind for a farther horizon.

Today, Fellowmind stands for digital transformation and has a formidable team of over 2,000 professionals. Our shared seven-year journey has been marked by the acquisition of 14 standout companies, establishing Fellowmind’s imprint across Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands. Our partnership narrative fully embodies our belief in trust, longevity, innovation and commitment to excellence.

“Wave demonstrates that speed and quality are delivered uncompromised.” – Ernst-Jan Stigter, CEO Fellowmind.


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