Our story

Where we embarked and where we’re headed.

We believe trust, longevity, and innovation are the keystones to financial success. This is how we take companies beyond the current

Rising tide

It was 2016. A world full of advisory services. Some great, some mediocre. But most of them lacking in the same vital component: heart in the outcome.

A deeper care for clients’ results. Joost noticed this void. Why was the industry more often than not purely transactional, at a time when businesses craved more than just financial advice? He saw that a partnership approach was a deep-rooted desire for clients navigating the complexities of corporate finance.

Inspired, Joost van Kessel envisioned a different kind of firm and Tom van de Schoot and Tom van Spreuwel added to that vision — a firm where relationships equalled results. And that’s what we did. We brought together a team with the same ethos matched with best-in-the-game financial expertise. From there, Wave emerged: not just as another corporate finance advisory, but as a financial partner vested in your success.

Our philosophy

We believe in a relationship-driven approach. We care about safeguarding and expanding your furthest horizon. We bring vast industry experience, innovation, and of course: results.

Our method is putting your company’s financial aim front and centre in our activities. When you entrust us with your vision, we are with you every step of the way. Whether it’s riding the crest of opportunity or patiently navigating challenges, we know when to surge and when to adapt. We help you ride the right wave to each financial decision.

Gain an entrepreneurial partner

Every company goes through ebbs and flows. With Wave, you have a team by your side to spot the right opportunities at the right time. We will execute with speed and precision, so that you can catch the momentum.

Play the long game

Great vision starts with trust and clear milestones. That takes playing the long game. Our clients know this and have been with us since we first met. We are not in it for the quick win. We are in it to make each of your ripples turn into tidal waves.

Excellence breeds results

Results matter. Wave gives you a passionate team of highly driven, highly skilled people who care deeply about your company’s success.

Join the wave

Join our crew in delighting our clients with innovative and thorough results while casting ripples of impact across the world of corporate finance.

I strongly believe in long-term client relationships. Understanding your ambition, motivation and business is essential to deliver added value and provide the best solution. We are not in it for the short term, we play the long game. Our perseverance and creative approach supports clients through the highs and lows of their growth journey.

Tom van Spreuwel

+31 (0)6 5733 9639
The future of Corporate Finance will significantly change through data-driven decision-making and the rise of alternative financing, with more flexible terms than traditional parties. I want to make a difference for my clients in this matter.

Tom van de Schoot

+31 (0)6 1856 0307
Each entrepreneur experiences several phases. Those where you ride optimal waves to infinite horizons, and those where you get barreled and simply have to push through. Going through these motions either builds or breaks you. We are in the business of seeing the first become a reality and the latter not even a possibility.

Joost van Kessel

+31 (0)6 2255 9814

Meet your team

We work with the best. Though we are a relatively modest-sized firm, we make up for it with a team of highly skilled and experienced people. Your vision is safe with us.

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